5 Things You Can Do - Feb. 7, 2017

 5 things

1. Stay connected, own your power.

The ACLU is the nation's guardian of liberty. We will keep vigil on everyone's rights – immigrants, refugees, people of color, LGBTQ community, women, the press, protesters, people of faith. But we need you to stand up with us. Know when action is needed:

Sign up for alerts and follow the ACLU of Indiana on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share and amplify our messages and action alerts.

2. Call your elected officials.

There is no single action you can take that is more powerful than talking directly to your elected officials through a personal phone call--not an email, not a letter, but a phone call. Then, follow up your phone call with an email. Force House and Senate members of good conscience, on both sides of the aisle, to step up and challenge threats to our American values.

Here is where you can find your elected officials' phone numbers, put them on speed dial:

State Elected Officials

Federal Elected Officials 

3. Know your rights.

Since Election Day, acts of hate have been on the rise around the country. The Southern Poverty Law Center tallied more than 400 hate incidents in the week after Donald Trump won the election – many targeting Black people, immigrants, Muslims, and Jewish people. We want to make sure that you know your rights and have access to the resources you need. We have compiled this list of resources to help. 

4. Stay informed.

The news cycle changes quickly. Find a trusted media source and support its work. Freedom of the Press is protected by the 1st Amendment and an essential constraint on power. We need the facts to keep our leaders honest and accountable.

5. Survive.

We recently hosted "A Survival Guide to the Next Four Years," part of our First Wednesday's educational series, and will post a podcast of the standing-room-only event soon. In the meantime, watch Nuvo's Facebook live coverage for suggestions from our panelists.

Looking to make an even greater impact? Please fill out the Activist Sign-Up Form and tell us about yourself. Thank you for all you're doing to protect civil liberties!