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Federal Appeals Court Reverses Dismissal of Candidate’s Lawsuit

ACLU of Indiana Challenges State’s Marriage Law

Woman Detained at Airport Files Suit (2-20-2014)

ACLU of Indiana Will Remain Vigilant on HJR-3 (2-13-2014)

Veteran Wins Right to Protest on Monument Circle (2-4-2014)

Indiana School Wins 10K in ACLU National Art Contest (1-17-2014)

ACLU of Indiana Challenges Pain Medication Regulation (1-8-2014)

ACLU of Indiana Wins Temporary Block of State Law Affecting Lafayette Planned Parenthood Center (11-27-2013)

Fall 2013 Carrying the Torch

ACLU of Indiana Elects Officers (11-19-2013)

October News

September News

ACLU of Indiana Announces New Board Members (9-23-2013)

August News

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit for Students with Disabilities to Bring Service Dogs to School (8-30-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit for Winamac Girl Who Wants to Play Football (8-29-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Files Anti-Discrimination Suit Against State Department of Health for Planned Parenthood (8-22-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit against Vigo Co. Sheriff (8-19-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit to Stop City of Indianapolis from Violating Free Speech Rights of Panhandlers (8-16-2013)

July News

ACLU of Indiana Wins Case against Evansville Religious Display on Public Property  (7-31-2013)

Medicaid Patients Win Right to Receive Services at Planned Parenthood Clinics (7/30/2013)

ACLU of Indiana Sues Indiana Department of Correction (7-22-2013)

Taxi Cab Drivers File Suit Against Town of Speedway (7-1-2013)

Indiana Youth Group Wins Again (6-28-2013)

Evansville Riverfront Display of Plastic Crosses Violates the First Amendment (6-25-2013)

Indiana Youth Group Fights Back (6-19-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit Against FSSA: Changes to Medicaid Waiver Program Put Hoosiers at Grave Risk (6-17-2013)

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Indiana’s Request to Review Law That Would End Funding for Family Planning (5-23-2013)

Occupy Kokomo Protesters File Suit Against Howard County Sheriff (May 21, 2013)

U.S. District Court Strikes Down Indiana’s Immigration Law (3-29-2013)

Municipal Restrictions on Door-to-Door Canvassing Violate First Amendment (3-14-2013)

Spring 2013 Carrying the Torch Newsletter

U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Social Networking Rights (1-23-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Kicks off 60th Anniversary Year with New Board and Staff  (1-3-2013)

ACLU of Indiana, Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Win U.S. District Court Decision Regarding Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners (1-2-2013)

Constitutional Wins: Editorials Supporting the Work of the ACLU of Indiana

Fall 2012 Newsletter: "Carrying the Torch"

ACLU of Indiana Wins Reinstatement of Drivers Licenses for Thousands of Hoosiers (11-5-2013)

ACLU of Indiana Challenges Marion County Judicial Election System (11-1-2012)

ACLU of Indiana Wins Appeal in Planned Parenthood Medicaid Case (10-23-2012)

ACLU of Indiana Challenges School District on One-Person One-Vote (10-12-2012)

Attorney Sues Library for First Amendment Violation (10-5-2012)

Disabled Veteran Sues for Right to Protest (10-2-2012)

ACLU of Indiana Wins Appeal on Cap for Dental Services (10-26-2012)

Video: ACLU of Indiana Members' & Friends Reception with Philip Gulley

ACLU of Indiana Announces Fall 2012 CLEs (9-25-2012)

The Indianapolis Star: A conversation with Jane Henegar

ACLU of Indiana Wins U.S. Court of Appeals Due Process Case (8-28-2012)

ACLU of Indiana Receives Injunction in BMV Case (8-10-2012)

Jane Henegar Named Executive Director (8-1-2012)

Summer 2012 Newsletter: "Carrying the Torch"

Announcing First Wednesdays on August 1: "In the Age of Kindle, Who Needs Libraries?"

ACLU of Indiana Files Suit to Stop Unfair Suspension of Drivers Licenses

Oral Argument 7th Circuit Court of Appeals:
Sandra Bontrager v. Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (audio)

Indiana's Marriage Statute Violates Constitution (5-9-2012)

Griffith Teens' Facebook Speech is Protected (4-25-2012)

New Leader at the ACLU of Indiana (4-9-2012)

ACLU Indiana Wins State Supreme Court Ruling For Hoosiers Denied Welfare Benefits (4-22-2012)

ACLU Indiana Says FSSA Violating Fourteenth Amendment (2-28-2012)

"I (heart) BOOBIES" is Protected Speech (2-6-2013)
Indianapolis – A student wishing to express his support for breast cancer awareness will take on his school corporation in a lawsuit filed today by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.

Protest and the First Amendment!  A Guide for Protesters
The ability to express your grievances with the government and society is an important part of what it means to be American, no matter where your views are on the political spectrum.  Here you will find a handout specifically written with protesters rights in mind.  In it, you will find a step-by-step guide explaining how to interact with the police if they confront you and your rights under the United States Constitution. 

ACLU Indiana Says Deaf Prisoner Denied Phone Access (1-3-2012)
nmates at the New Castle Correctional Facility are granted unfettered daily access to telephones; that is, unless, they happen to be deaf. Today the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed a complaint against the Indiana Department of Correction with the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis on behalf of Robert David, a totally deaf prisoner committed to the DOC in New Castle.

ACLU Says Dept. of Correction in Contempt (12-22-2011)
On behalf of four prisoners, the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed a motion today asking the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis to hold the Indiana Department of Correction in contempt for not providing kosher diets to prisoners.

ACLU Indiana Defends U.S. Citizen Illegally Detained by Federal Authorities (11-30-2011)

Know Your Prom Night Rights! A Quick Guide for LGBT High School Students
For most high school students, prom night is a special time for making memories and sheer fun. But for those teens who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, prom night can be a source of anxiety. While their classmates are busy lining up the perfect outfit and date, LGBT students often have to worry about whether they will be harassed at the dance or excluded from it altogether. However, there are laws protecting your right to be yourself at the prom, and this handout can help you learn about them so that you too can be safe and have fun on the big night!

Victory in Federal Court!
ACLU of Indiana Wins Legal Battle Protecting Disabled.

Don't Filter Me!
Few things shock us here at the ACLU office, but when a student emailed us this image a few months ago, more than one of us gasped out loud. If you’re a public high school student and would like to know more about your school’s web filter, click on the link and view the video showing how to test whether your school is illegally filtering content and how to report censorship.